ðŸ’ļRevenue Stream

We have 4 major income sources:

  1. Flat 10% fee on the comprehensive budget covering CPA and CPC actions offered by clients. Whether clients opt for a CPA or CPC campaign, the platform maintains a fixed fee. Publishers (content creators) take on the responsibility of designing engaging campaigns, including banners, videos, and articles, as part of their all-inclusive service. As Pirat3 evolves, a communication bot will be introduced in later stages to enhance user experience and efficiency.

    I.g: If a client chooses to offer $5 per article (an action) to publisher, $0.5 belongs to Pirate.

  2. 0.5% fee from token purchases through Pirat3’s Hyperlinks. The browser extension highlights and transforms all coins mentioned on the Publisher's sites into hyperlinks, directing users to Pirate Swap aggregator. Upon completing the action of purchasing a token through these links (CPA), the fee is applied.

  3. Customizable case-by-case fees are implemented for special campaigns involving exchanges

    I.g.: Partnering with exchanges may entail an upfront fee that can be tailored based on individual agreements. We would generate dedicated referral links to these exchanges, to facilitate hassle-free token purchases, empowering Publishers who engage in these campaigns to skillfully direct consumers to purchase from partnered exchanges, instead of the original auto-generated hyperlinks initially directed to Pirat3 Swap.

  4. 0.5% purchase fee via each sale (buy/sell) of Publisher Validating Tokens - shares that represent each influencer

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