🔗Generating an affiliate link

Learn how to use Pirat3

Publishers have 3 avenues to utilize Pirat3 for maximum impact:

1) Generate a hyperlink on the simple interface of Pirat3 of the product/ company they signed up for (already automatically personalised under corresponding account). Embed them into any created content, be it Instagram, Twitter, Threads etc.


2) Alternatively, they can install the plugin on their blog or socials, which automatically scans the written content for relevant keywords, facilitating additional sales actions. This optimizes engagement and increases revenue potential.

3) Using tailor links Pirat3 provides for a specific Client (for example, an Exchange, under a case-by-case campaign), with an option to personalise that with their own referral IDs as well.

The driving force behind sales action lies in link generation. Whenever these links result in successful sales conversions, rewards will be distributed. The mechanism is all-encompassing and not limited to any specific destination or link category.

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