ðŸ‘ūData, Decentralisation

AI Optimization and Large Data Centre

  • Pirat3 aims to become a large data centre as we collect user-behavior and actions across all these websites that has the plugin installed and turned on

  • Data Analysis Visualisation - a data board presented to clients (marketers) to track the origins of clicks

    • Note:

      • We are compliant under consent

      • We do not track any wallet activities unless Read-to-Earn plugin is installed

      • We only track with a timer for the read-to-earn function


  • Pirat3 operates on an on-chain smart contract that connects clients and publishers

  • Some CPA campaigns can be verified on-chain to prevent fraud. Nonetheless, all activities can be tracked on-chain to provide an excellent audit trail

  • $PRTE tokens will be governed by the DAO eventually, Pirat3 delegates voting power and assets to the community hence achieving decentralisation

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