🔍Browser Extension

For tracking Influencer activities and payout issuance

The Pirat3 extension is

  • Easily installable, consumers may choose to toggle on or off to enable or disable these hyperlinks or ads presented on their websites, and earn rewards while browsing.

  • When the extension is active, articles and content on the web page will be automatically scanned with AI, keywords are then highlighted as hyperlinks are auto-generated with targeted keywords

    • i.g. In the context of exchange clients, the article would identify specific words and terms that are mentioned, including newly launched token pairs or novel trading products. These terms are marked and are clickable to lead users to designated links. These links are set up to guide users to the relevant landing page, making it easy to purchase tokens or access a new product directly. Additionally, an option is provided to seamlessly integrate the Publisher's referral ID, thereby enhancing engagement and profitability.

  • Hashcash implementation (Read-to-Earn): a timer will be activated when plugin is enabled, measuring time spend on browsing content written by creator, more about this mechanism on:

  • Bots will be deterred from spams and users who maliciously commit traffic fraud

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