💰Committing to a budget

When Publishers are roaming in the Marketplace, they can simply sign up to a campaign requested by a client, on a first-come-first-serve basis, compete to earn the bounty set up in the budget before it depletes. Subsequently, depending on the actual conversion rates, calculated wages would be remunerated. However, if a KOL holds $PRTE, he/she has an option to bond their $PRTE to commit to a portion of the budget for a certain timeframe.


Binance has initiated a program with a budget of 50,000 USDT, attracting the participation of 100 KOLs. Among them, one KOL stands out for their exceptional efficiency and effectiveness, enabling them to earn the majority of the 50,000 USDT within a single day. However, the remaining 99 KOLs, despite their capabilities, can only earn the remaining amount from the budget.

To make this a fair play, KOLs are given the opportunity to pledge $PRTE as a commitment towards a fixed amount of the campaign request.


In a scenario where a KOL pledges $5000 worth of $PRTE to secure a commitment to 1/10 of the budget for a duration of 20 days. The most skilled KOL has the potential to earn up to 45,000 USDT at most.

On the other hand, the individual who bonded the $PRTE can take their time to earn 5000 USDT throughout the 20-day period, provided there are successful conversions happening. This allows the bonder to earn steadily without the pressure of achieving the maximum potential earnings of the most competent KOL.

Additionally, should Publishers opt to receive their compensation in $PRTE - the platform's native token, instead of stablecoins or other currencies, Pirat3 could provide them with additional rewards through the incentive program.

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