🌬️Product Flow

The product flow starts with a client ordering a CPC (go to a website) or CPA (do something on website/on-chain) campaign on the On Chain Affiliate Marketplace. These are the β€œproducts” that the Publishers will be trying to sell, as seen in Clickbank.

In each campaign there could be various restrictions. For example, if the campaign is ordered by an exchange, the campaign might restrict the Publisher to contain links to other exchanges on the page that runs the campaign. The plug-in that the Publisher installs in his/her website run checks periodically to ensure restrictions are met. If the campaign is conducted through other means, for example YouTube video or Twitter, the affiliate link’s redirection proxy conducts the check on the source referrer. AI engines will also be employed to check for spam or fraudulent content.

A Publisher can choose a campaign to run and design any strategy to run the campaign on his/her website, platform as long as it doesn’t violate the rules set by Pirat3 and the restrictions set by the client.

Clicks are tracked by the affiliate link redirection proxy, while off-chain actions are reported by clients and on-chain actions are tracked by blockchain nodes run 24/7. Ultimately, the outcome is determined by the conversion (clicks and actions) generated. However, the client can view the source of conversions and communicate with the Publisher through Pirat3's platform to further optimise the campaign.

The client sets a budget (In a currency they choose, USDT/USDC) before activating the campaign. When a conversion is generated, the cost is deducted from the budget and distributed to the balPRTE pool (where we take a 0.5% fee) and then distributed to the Publisher afterwards.

Both the Consumer and the Publisher are rewarded with $PRTE tokens. The Publisher receives $PRTE tokens on top of the budget payable to the Publisher, while the Consumer receives $PRTE tokens when they complete an action, make a purchase, or even by simply staying on the page if they have the browser extension installed and enabled. If the Publisher chooses to receive the payable budget in $PRTE (instead of USDT/ETH/ any currency), he/she will receive extra esPRTE on top of the $PRTE received; they can earn extra rewards by staking esPRTE.

On top of this $PRTE incentive program, Pirat3 also designed a reward payout system to encourage and promote the usage of $PRTE, for more details, visit the page below:

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