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The Muse to Pirat3

ClickBank is an internet retailer that sells quality digital and physical products in a variety of categories, it has been around for over two decades and carved out a space for affiliate marketing in the ecommerce industry. With over $5.5 billion in commission paid out in over twenty countries, most ClickBank products aim to improve and enrich customers’ lives physically, mentally, or financially.

ClickBank supports vendors and affiliates through compliance, consistent commission, and back office tools that make the lives of their clients easier and more streamlined. Affiliates can search the ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace for offers and simply promote them using a HopLink (which is ClickBank lingo for an affiliate link). With a ClickBank account anyone on the internet can score access to thousands of converting offers that they can start promoting immediately–even if a target or client has limited web traffic.

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The Affiliate Marketplace & Affiliate Link are products are the fundamentals of key products Pirat3 delivers. It is important to understand how they work:

What is the ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace?

The ClickBank Marketplace simplifies the process of finding products or brands to promote. Using the specialized search function, affiliates can browse products by category and use the filter tool to fine-tune search results by language, category, offer type, and more.

When an affiliate finds a product they want to promote, the affiliate generates a HopLink (also known as a referral tracking link) that combines the affiliate’s account nickname and the seller's account nickname, and then encrypts it for security. Any sales made via this link are tracked and the affiliate will receive commission according to the product’s commission percentage.

Because all of the transactions are facilitated via ClickBank, affiliates do not have to be concerned that they will not receive their commission from the sale. This process is automated and taken care of by ClickBank.

What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is how affiliates networks track who referred traffic and whether that traffic converted into a sale. It’s also affiliate networks make sure that a publisher get paid commission for their promotions.

Anyone can add this link to icons, images, blog copy, or put it in the bio of one’s Instagram profile. People can answer questions on forums, YouTube, or put it on their website, they can link to it from a landing page that is linked to a Facebook ad. It doesn’t matter where anyone puts it (as long as the promotion rules are followed for that specific platform). If it gets clicked and the clicker commits to the offer within 60 days of clicking, the commission belongs to whoever publishes the ‘ad’.

The Muse to Pirat3

Pirat3's foundational offerings revolve around these 2 powerful pillars - the Affiliate Marketplace and the Affiliate Link. Within the web3 landscape, no platform has encompassed these indispensable features found in ClickBank. Embracing this opportunity, Pirat3 strives to blaze a trail as an industry pioneer, presenting a professional and innovative solution that redefines the game for all internet users.

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