For Influencers looking for Advertisers

  • Like Clickbank, but decentralised, Pirat3 matches both publishers (i.g. affiliates, content creators, influencers) and marketers (brands, e-commerce platforms, Exchanges, new protocols, NFT projects and more)

  • It provides a dashboard that aggregates all the requests/offers (a β€œbank” of opportunities for publishers to earn from) to allow anyone on the internet to browse through the quotations and select their orders to monetize through 1) capturing their audience to β€œread and earn” (CPC), 2) encourage token-sale to earn bonus commission, 3) accumulate PRTE$ (Pirat3 token) rewards and other incentives

  • A Customizable hyperlink can be generated in the Administrator tab once a user has logged in, publishers are given choices of formats: words, jpg, banner or video etc to be placed in their targeted content destination

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