📊Creating a Campaign

The core purpose driving Pirat3's existence is to empower Marketers effortlessly. By operating as an automated marketplace, Pirat3 transforms into a cutting-edge ad board. With utmost simplicity, any company can swiftly post their requests following these streamlined steps:

1) Create an account, head to the administrative tab after login

2) Craft a campaign, set budget, opt for a program type (CPA or CPC), fill in the details of their demand

  • In the case of a CPC program, if the client wants to allocate $2 per click, and anticipates 5000 clicks in result of Publishers' work, the total budget should be set to $10,000

3) Keep this in mind, to effectively captivate Publishers - be as precise as possible with the requirements in the description box

4) Execute with a single click, watch your ad flourish!

An illustration of the ad board is shown in the Marketplace Product Feature session:


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