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Competitive Analysis

Why are we different?
Now, there is a broad variety of marketing agencies offering their expertise and services to web3 protocols, however there are only a handful of referral programs and analytic tools specialised in affiliate marketing that these projects could practically utilise. Evidently to this date, there is no direct incentivising marketing toolkit installable and designed for content creators, trading platforms, protocols and general users across the internet, backed by a token economy. Although there are social-fi, influencer-matching marketplaces embedded in affiliate marketing platforms seen recently, they are often centralised. Some offer a skewed and selective network of their choice, and some merely aim to fuse the ideas of like-minded followers for monetization exclusively on their platforms.
We believe affiliate marketing programs and tools should go hand-in-hand with these platforms to accelerate the growth and exposure of new launched tokens, novel protocols, freshly published content, new products, by any internet surfers. Through adequate and relevant data gathering, algorithms and predictive analytics, Pirat3 aims to provide a simple plugin and platform to allow advertisers to reach mass audience across the internet, maximizing the effectiveness of any advertiser campaigns.
The chart below shows the examples of established Web2, emerging Web3 service providers in the market: (please scroll to the right)
All inclusive CPA programs and affiliate marketing tools through a simple plugin
CPA platform for selected crypto bloggers from only clients listed in top 100 of CMC
SaaS model with tools to manage and personalise referral programs, campaign creation, reward distribution to affiliates
Web3 App store, apps listed get access to a performance-based affiliate network for project promotion
A stock media marketplace deployed on Polygon, content and copyrights tokenised and exchangeble for NFTs
Operational Machine learning-powered performance advertising solutions
Content discovery platform with its own network to help publishers and advertisers for content promotion
Web 3 Native
Easy Install SDK
Browser Extension (Consumer incentivization)
(Demand Side Platform)
Centralised Platform
CRM Model
AI & Data
Data centre powered by ML, retrieve and display relevant ads plus suggestive content
Customizable ML mechanism for clients, identify most relevant targets