ðŸĨŽGTM: Paid to Click

In unraveling the operational dynamics that empower Pirat3 to function as an inherently self-sustaining and scalable multi-layer affiliate system, encompassing facets of traffic generation, data transparency, exposure amplification, attention cultivation, a foundational comprehension of the pivotal mechanism, "Paid-to-Click (CPC model)" emerges as a prerequisite.

As a recursive strategy to accumulate daily active users, PTC portal can be accessed after an account is created. This portal is a simple interface for daily missions discovery, it also carries its own referral program. Users can effortlessly track their balances, unlock actions, review achievements, and actively explore available missions.


In the context of Pirat3 as the top priority client, the initial mission will involve visiting the Pirat3 marketplace. Through a simple cursor click, an immediate link-jump expedites access, incentivising rewards accrual in ETH or alternative currencies.

Ultimately, Pirat3 operates as a decentralized affiliate ecosystem, seamlessly integrating a plugin, extension, and marketplace to bridge Marketers and Publishers. Utilizing a foundational Paid-to-Click model, the platform strategically engages users through a user-friendly portal, offering daily missions and a referral program. By incentivizing actions and rewards in cryptocurrencies like ETH, Pirat3 establishes a self-sustaining and scalable system, effectively cultivating user participation and driving its innovative affiliate network forward.

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